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Mmmm. Delicious is the sales organization – purely based on export– of the different production units: Délice, Van Ham, Chef de Biscuit & Amacarons. These already existing companies decided to discover new markets by creating Mmmm. Delicious to sell their freshly produced products abroad. 

In order to assure our customers of our quality and to successfully export, we have a number of certificates at our disposal.

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“Tasty products, provided with the necessary certificates to guarantee our quality"

Food safety is an important item on the agenda, especially if you do export abroad. More and more demands are being placed on suppliers. With our certificates we can guarantee to our customers that our products have been produced according to certain standarts.
Mmmm. Delicious

FSSC 22000


Production unit Van Ham is in the possession of the FSSC 22000 certificate for its production site 

FSSC 22000 is the first worldwide standard for the entire food industry. 



Production unit Délice is in the possession of the British Retail Consortium. 

The BRC standard describes the hygiene and food safety requirements for food processing companies that supply directly to the retail sector

Iso 22000

Production unit Van Ham is in possession of the ISO 22000 certificate for its warehouse dpt.  

Iso 22000 is accepted worldwide and is the first specific ISO standard for the food industry. The certificate takes chain thinking as the important starting point. 


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